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Workplace financial wellness programs are in demand, but the price point of independent programs has put them out of reach for all but the most well-funded employers. Not anymore! Get our independent, actionable program starting at only $59 per month.

Increase Employee Satisfaction and Retention

A 2022 John Hancock study on employee stress found that 89% of workers think it’s important that employers provide a workplace financial wellness program.  Another 74% noted that it would help reduce their stress. [i]

According to the article “Fiduciary Fitness Related to Financial Wellness” in, providing a financial wellness benefit may help your organization lower plan costs and help prevent potential liability or legal claims against your plan. [ii]

Why Don’t Most Employers Provide a Financial Wellness Benefit?

Usually, it comes down to cost.  According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, these programs are often priced at a per-employee-per-year (PEPY) rate and commonly range from $50 per employee per year to more than $500. [i]  Then, there’s often a minimum for small employers as well.

That can mean tens of thousands of dollars a year for many organizations.  That’s not always easy to find in your budget.


Why Wavelength Money?

With Wavelength, we’re financial marketers with a deep understanding of how to engage people who otherwise don’t think of themselves as “financial people.” More importantly, we rely on actual user feedback to keep our content interesting and approachable.

With Wavelengthe Money, you get email and online financial wellness education for your entire organization for one affordable monthly fee:

No messy and expensive per-employee pricing

Instead, just one flat monthly fee for your whole company

Save more with our annual contracts

Wavelength Money is a flat monthly fee service that starts at $59 per month.


Total Price

1 through 25

$59 per month

26 through 50

$89 per month

51 through 200

$129 per month

201 through 500

$159 per month

501 through 1,000

$299 per month

1,001 or more

$399 per month

More of What You Need…Less of What You Don’t

Five or six-figure financial wellness platforms can be effective. But all too often, these programs are underutilized. Why pay for more than you really need?

Bottom line: by cutting out expensive custom-delivery platforms, we can save you money and avoid the privacy concerns common with many platforms.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Direct delivery: You'll receive twice weekly email money tips in pdf form, ready to forward directly to your employees

Links to our full financial wellness library, where team members can access user-friendly, helpful resources

Practical, independent education on what really counts, including getting control of debt, demystifying retirement investing, and understanding investment fees

Coming soon: An investment 101 course available for purchase or credit

Want more? Custom options are available to complement this core education.

Here's what our users say

"Illuminating ...."

“Avoids jargon while still delivering meaningful information.”

“Friendly and non-intimidating!”

“Clearest explanation I’ve ever seen on bonds.”

"Really delivers on content and information!"

“Really held my attention and got the information across easily and pleasantly.”

“Understanding the psychology is really interesting and helpful.”


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