About Us

Our mission is to connect people with the financial help they need.

Our Story

At Wavelength, we believe that the odds are stacked against the average person. Billions of dollars of advertising comes at them from every angle daily, telling them to spend, spend, spend. Combine that with easy access to credit and it’s a recipe for disaster. And it shows…most households have consumer debt…a lot of it. And sadly, many also have not much in the form of savings for the future.

We’ve got an epidemic on our hands. When surveyed, people usually say their biggest stress is money, even among high income folks. And older people now say their number one regret is not saving enough when they were younger. This even tops spending more time with family and friends.

What today’s consumers need is self-defense. And someone on their side.

Wavelength set out to do our part to help.


First, by using both our practical financial know-how and our adult education expertise to create innovative programs that get to the root of the problem. Sure people need knowledge, but really they need awareness. Awareness that advertising is all around them. Awareness that it’s not really that hard to build financial security, it just requires making some very simple decisions consistently. We incorporate all this into our innovative financial wellness programs.

At the same time, trust in the financial industry is low. We believe that almost everyone is best served by using a financial advisor. So we also aim to help connect more investors with financial help. We do that by providing content development services and products to the financial advisory industry. We’re pleased to help our financial advisor clients present themselves in a way that is attractive to today’s investors.

Why Wavelength?

You have a lot of choices and strategies when it comes to financial advisor marketing. There’s no shortage of talented, committed people willing to help.   Is Wavelength the right fit to help your firm achieve its goals?


At Wavelength, as longtime business owners, we know that it’s far too easy to waste money with a lot of consultants finding out what does and doesn’t work.   So we work with you to find the most cost-effective way to proceed, so that we help you achieve your goals.

Compliance Insight.

There’s many talented copywriters in the world, but few understand the world of compliance. At Wavelength, our founder previously held a Series 24 license (along with a 7 and 63), and has passed the Series 65.  While we can’t provide actual compliance reviews, our knowledge gained holding a Series 24 Principal’s License helps us always consider compliance when developing your content.

Flat Fee Pricing (No Hourly Fees).

Hourly fees sound fair in theory, but in reality, often create headaches and cost overruns.  You’ll always get a flat fee price from Wavelength so there’s no mystery or runaway costs.  You’ll know exactly how much everything will cost you, in advance.

The Right Insights.

When it comes to marketing to higher net worth individuals, professionals and business owners, you need the right tone and approach to gain their attention.  At Wavelength, our writing team is unique.  We’re effective at connecting to those demographics because we understand their concerns and pain points.

A Unique Perspective.

Financial marketing usually fails because it’s written by financial people, for financial people.  Most people’s brains aren’t geared to like finance so they must be engaged emotionally.   At Wavelength, we’re financial people, but we come from outside the financial advisor world.  We also have adult education expertise.  Because of all that, we have the unique ability to look at your services through the lens of your prospects.  We’re really good at helping communicate your strengths and why someone should consider working with your firm, in a way that encourages action.

We Take It Personally.

Everyone on our small team believes in our mission:  to connect more people to the financial help they need to live a better life.  So this is very personal and we love what we do.  This comes through both in our work as well as our commitment to bringing out the best in your firm.

About Our Founder

Jeanne Klimowski is Founder of Wavelength Financial Content.

Jeanne has helped over one hundred financial firms clarify their messaging and differentiate their businesses.  Her credentials include a Series 65 registration and finance degree, and she previously held Series 24, 7, and 63 FINRA securities licenses. She has studied Technical Analysis under the Chartered Market Technician affiliate program, achieving Level 1 status.

Prior to starting Wavelength, she built and sold two niche finance businesses. The first administered land-secured municipal bonds for bond issuers, serving over 140 cities, counties and other public agencies in California, Arizona and Colorado.

The second provided state-mandated property tax disclosure reports to the California real estate industry.  The firm’s clients included many Fortune 500 homebuilders and title companies. 

Before founding those ventures, she was a computer-based consultant, with one of her projects receiving an international award for training innovation and effectiveness.

She has also served as an Adjunct Professor at Coastline Community College in Southern California.