White Label Financial Content

High quality, user-friendly content is a must for any financial website. But development of content from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive.

Fortunately, you have another option.

Save Time and Money with White Label Financial Content

Original content is critical and can never be replaced. Why? Because that’s the key to your website ranking on search engines. But there’s a secret: you don’t need ALL original content.

When Can I Use Non-Original Content?

There are instances where using non-original content is acceptable and often preferable.  Instead of spending weeks writing, reviewing and editing, you can choose white label content, which is existing content customized with your name and brand.  Without the wait, you can put these tools to work right away.  And white label content saves you money and headaches too.

White Label Lead Magnets (Guides, eBooks or Whitepapers)

The purpose of a financial lead magnet, ebook or whitepaper is to provide a free giveaway on your website. To get the best results, you’ll want to put it behind a “gate”. In that case, the website visitor must provide their email address before they can view the content. Since it stays off your website, it doesn’t matter to search engines whether it’s original or not. Instead, it’s more important than it is high quality, user-friendly and attractive.

White label lead magnets can be used as-is, or you can customize them to further meet your needs.

White Label Explainer Videos

Explainer (or “whiteboard”) videos are great tools for financial professionals. These videos let you visually explain abstract concepts in a fast, simple way. But these videos require time and specialized skills to do right. Instead, why not choose a white label explainer video by Wavelength? You’ll get an affordable video, fast, that’s customized to include your company name and logo.

White Label Webinars and Seminars

Webinars and seminars can be extremely effective for financial professionals. But these can take significant time to develop. Why not start with a white-label version? Take one of Wavelength’s fully developed financial advisor seminars and use it as is. Or treat it as a starting point and personalize it. Either way, you’ll save valuable time and effort.

Why White Label Content by Wavelength?

Selling financial advice is complex and requires knowledge of compliance restrictions, too. Wavelength is a niche firm that works with financial advisors and other specialty finance firms. Our team includes former Series 24, 7 and 63, license holders. More importantly, we have helped hundreds of financial advisors create engaging, effective content.