Financial Advisor Videos

Have you considered adding a financial advisor video to your website?  Companies using video on their websites report a 66% higher conversion rate than those who don’t, according to Sarah Leblanc, AVP of Marketing, LPL Financial.

Video is especially effective for independent financial advisors and financial planners, since most people don’t clearly understand what you do and why you’re different.  A well-crafted video or series of videos can quickly communicate the unique benefits of your services…and differentiate you.

White Label Financial Advisor Videos

It’s not enough today to simply have written content on your site. You need more to engage website visitors, and video is an ideal tool.  But video is expensive and can be very time-consuming to produce.

That’s why at Wavelength, we offer white-label financial advisor videos.  You can get all of the benefits of video for an affordable price.  There’s also no multi-week wait during development…your videos are available short notice.

With white-label financial advisor videos, you can educate, instead of selling.  That’s a very effective approach in today’s digital world.

In addition, our white label financial advisor videos help you differentiate your services and play up your strengths.

Along with content designed by our experts to attract attention and differentiate your services, you’ll get a customized call to action at the end.

Can Wavelength help you achieve your goals?

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