Can a Great Financial Copywriter Boost Your Brand and Visibility?

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Your firm provides a fantastic service, but how can you get visitors to see that?  

Your firm provides a fantastic service or product.  Your team is polished and convincing.  But how can you get visitors to even begin to see that by just looking at your website?  That’s the role of a financial copywriter.  These individuals or firms specialize in writing copy to help you attract attention and generate leads.  But not all copywriters can effectively write for finance.  For that, you need a specialist, a financial copywriter. 

Why do you need a Financial Copywriter? 

You’ve probably seen Mad Men.  There are many copywriters, but writing about financial topics can be more complex.  Along with general marketing, they need an understanding of your product and industry. 

The good news?  Investing in high-quality financial copywriting once can provide a continuing return on your money, so it’s one of the most prudent investments you will ever make.  And conversely, skimp on copy, and you’ll never know how much business you are missing out on. 

Can’t My Team Write Our Own Copy? 

You can try, and I often recommend it for very new businesses that have not yet built your brand.  But for established companies, you need someone who can look at your business with fresh eyes, then describe the benefits your clients receive in a compelling way.

And copywriting is a unique discipline.  You have to engage potential buyers emotionally.  Unfortunately, many business people write “about” the firm.  That’s counterproductive.  A website visitor is not visiting your website to learn about you.  Instead, they are there to discover what you can do for them. 

A good copywriter will write from that perspective, creating words that spur action. 

What Should You Look For in a Financial Copywriter?

Financial topics can be difficult to tackle if a writer doesn’t have a financial background.  While they may bring the right skills to emotionally engage a reader, they may not understand what your product or service does or how it fits into the competitive landscape.

That’s why you need a financial copywriter that understands the financial industry.  Most importantly, they need to understand the benefits of your product or service sot hey can write about it in n authentic way.

Does the Financial Copywriter Understand Compliance? 

If you are subject to compliance, sticking with a financial copywriter or firm that understands those requirements is highly recommended.  Otherwise, you may get a wonderfully written copy.  Still, your compliance officer will veto most of it, sending you back to the drawing board.  This can waste time and energy. 

By looking for a financial copywriter with compliance credentials, you can help ensure you’re creating copy that you can actually use. 

Financial Copywriting Must Engage Visitors Emotionally

Of course, financial and compliance knowledge is only part of the story.  Emotions drive human decisions, even when we consider ourselves rational.  That’s why it’s essential to find a copywriter that can describe what you do in an emotionally compelling manner.  That’s how you get fence-sitters to take action. 

When it comes to finance, trust is another crucial emotion.  Does your copywriter have strategies to help you build trust and credibility for your brand?

You can best see that with the firm’s or the financial copywriter’s work.  Is it engaging, or is it purely factual?  Factual can have its place, but we want to spur action.  So the writing needs to be compelling.

The content should focus on benefits, not your product.  How will using the service or product impact the website visitor? 

Then differentiation is vital.  Ask the financial copywriter how they can effectively differentiate you from your peers.

Finally, Look for Strong SEO Skills

To get found online, you need to write for search engines.  So that means the copy needs to be “SEO optimized  .”There are precise ways to do this, so be sure to ask the firm or individual how they will ensure your copy meets these guidelines.

How to Find the Right Financial Copywriter for Your Firm

Copywriting is your storefront in the modern world, so the words you use are critical.  But because of the intricacies of the financial world, you need more than just a general copywriter.  You need someone with financial expertise.

Here are questions to ask when you’re hiring a financial copywriter:

  1. Who are your clients?  Ask to see several work samples, specifically work in your area of expertise.
  2. Do you understand our firm?  Have a conversation, and find out if they can grasp key aspects of what you do and the benefits of your service. 
  3. What is their background?  Ideally, look for a financial copywriter who has specific expertise.    
  4. What’s your knowledge of compliance?  Find out if they have any compliance-related licenses or experience that can help avoid excessive compliance revisions.

But find the right financial copywriter, and together, you can shape words that generate leads and help sell your services 24/7 online.

Looking for a financial copywriter who has helped many financial brands improve their visibility? Contact us to see if we can help you achieve your goals.



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