How to Attract Good Prospects with the Right Financial Advisor Blog Topics

How to Attract Good Prospects with the Right Financial Advisor Blog Topics

If you’ve got a financial advisor blog, you’re probably regularly writing blog articles or working with a financial writing service.  If you’re writing the articles in house, you’ve probably found it’s not always easy to come up with topics to write about.  Writer’s block is a real phenomenon.

Often the block starts at the beginning–what do I write about?  Many advisors get around this by simply writing about their interests, or what they think is interesting.

I’m no psychic, but I’m predicting there are a few new “How Investing is like the Olympics” pieces coming on line shortly.

While these can be more fun to write, unfortunately these articles usually are not those that get results.  If you’re serious about attracting new prospects, you have to write articles for them, not for you.


What Do You Know Best?

For good results, you should write about what you know best.  Ask yourself, Where can I add value to someone looking for financial advisory services?  A great strategy is to provide advice on interacting with the financial industry.  After all, you’re extremely knowledgeable about this industry and its players.  You have the ability to provide unique insight on topics such as:

  • Why it’s important to hire a fiduciary
  • How to tell a fiduciary apart from other types of service providers
  • What’s the difference between a robo-advisor, broker and full-service advisor
  • How to understand and manage investment-related fees and expenses

Put another way:  you’re in an ideal position to help them avoid future problems.

This is obviously an important role.  It can make a huge difference in someone’s future.

After all, you know this industry inside and out.  They don’t.  And hiring someone is far from a simple process.  By helping them do it right, you  can significantly add value and position yourself as a trusted advisor, even before you ever communicate with them.


It’s All About Trust

This approach helps build trust in a very unique way.  After all, most firms’ websites are all about the firm.  You are writing about the reader and how they can make the choice that is best for them.  By tackling these topics in your blogs, you are using your expertise to be of service.

As we all know, it’s very, very difficult for everyday consumers to know if they are talking to a fiduciary, for example, or a broker.  Or to know what fee-only and fee-based mean.  Unless they know someone in the industry, they are fair game.  They usually find out the downsides of those relationships too late.

So, start adding value to their lives before you ever talk to them on the phone or by email.  This puts you in an ideal position for when they are ready to hire or switch advisors…who better to work with than someone who’s already helping them?


Attracting the Right Ones

The beauty of this approach is that you’re talking directly to those who are serious about looking for an advisor (or maybe already have one they are not completely satisfied with).   These are high quality prospects simply because they are likely more ready to make a decision.

You’re less likely to attract those who are in do-it-yourself mode.  They will likely be better served on sites like Motley Fool and Marketwatch.  It’s a long road to have to convince these types why they need an advisor.

You can even adjust this strategy for niches that you specialize in.  For example:

  • How to find the best financial advisor to help you during a divorce


The Right Words

For best results, you’ll also want to make sure you include the right keywords for search engine optimization (SEO).  Without this ingredient, you can have a great article but it may not get in front of the right people.

So work with your SEO and/or financial content professional to help fine tune keywords.


Whatever you do, the fiduciary rule has finally been brought to light in the media, but few consumers truly understand the issues or details.  This makes it a great opportunity to start helping and overcome your writer’s block at the same time.





Jeanne Klimowski is the founder of Wavelength Financial Content Inc. Wavelength provides content development and white-label financial wellness programs for financial advisors.  Contact us today for a complimentary Financial Advisor Website Checkup, so you can get some concrete ideas on the best steps to take to get your website working for you.