How White Label eBooks Help Financial Advisors Build Credibility Fast

How White Label eBooks Help Financial Advisors Build Credibility Fast


In today’s competitive online world, a high-quality digital presence is no longer optional for financial advisors.  Instead, it’s a minimum requirement.  If you don’t have engaging content on your website, you’ll likely be passed by for those who do.  Fortunately, there’s an easy and affordable way to get your website up to speed, and that’s by adding a white label eBook.

Publications Build Credibility

Like it or not, not all financial advisor content is created equal.  With over 300,000 financial advisors out there, you need clear strategies to stand out.

One effective way is to write a book.  Having your name (or your firm’s name) in print on a book helps establish you as an expert on the topic.

According to Michael Kitces and Zach Obront, “One effective way to communicate and ‘prove’ an advisor’s expertise is by publishing your expertise in the form of a book – to literally be the one who ‘wrote the book’ on the subject! “

But writing and publishing a full-fledged book is a huge commitment, in time, money, or both.  But putting your name on a smaller version works too.

That’s where a financial eBook or guide fits in.

What is an EBook or Guide?

EBooks, also referred to as guides, are shorter digital books on an educational topic.  Instead of 150 pages or more in a regular book, you’ll be looking at maybe 7 to 15 pages of professionally formatted, easy to read text.

Ideally, the eBook topic should support your firm’s unique strength.  For example, if retirement is your specialty, you might write an eBook on 5 Critical Steps for a Secure Retirement.  If you’re a financial advisor who also provides tax planning, consider an eBook about the benefits of adding tax planning to your financial plan.

Or, if you cater to a niche, you can write a book specifically for that target market.  For example, “How Physicians Can Move from a High Income to True Financial Independence”.

Whatever you choose, you can use the guide to address strategies that you use in your practice.

What is a Lead Magnet?

You could, of course, try to sell your eBook.  It’s usually far better, however, to give it away for free on your website.  That means you’ll use it as a lead magnet.

This strategy maximizes the philosophy of inbound marketing.  Instead of pushing what you do on the general public, those looking for this solution will seek you out.

Here’s why these lead magnets are so effective for business development.

When people visit your website, they do so anonymously.  While you can find out through Google Analytics and similar programs that someone visited, you don’t know anything more, and you have no way to keep in touch with them. Enter the lead magnet.  This is something you offer as a free giveaway on your site. If people want to download this freebie, they have to simply provide their email address.

Then, you can add them to your DRIP email list and continue to send them information to pique their interest.

White Label EBooks versus Custom Financial EBooks

With eBooks, of course, there’s also a wide range of what you can produce. Ideally, you do a custom eBook that is specific to your firm’s strength.

But that can take time, or if you prefer to outsource to a professional firm specializing in financial advisor ebooks, costs usually range from $1,000 to $1,400 for a professionally written piece that includes design.  It can also take three to six weeks for both the content development and the graphics design.

White label eBooks are another option that gives you the advantage of both speed and affordability.  This can be an ideal shortcut if you can find a white label eBook specifically designed for financial advisors.  The cost is approximately $300 to $400, and you can have a professional document that reflects your company as the author in a few days.

Low Cost and Fast Results

Digital marketing takes time, and there are few shortcuts.  Fortunately, adding a white label eBook is a fast way to begin building a digital presence that positions your firm as an authority in the crowded marketplace.



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