Financial Advisor Marketing:  Can AI Help You Write Faster And Better Content?

financial advisor marketing
It's no surprise that many financial advisors struggle to find time to write marketing content. Can artificial intelligence help?

It’s no secret that most financial advisors struggle with creating marketing content.  Whether it’s blogging, creating articles or posting on social media, it can be hard to find the time to write.  What if there was a tool that could help you produce financial advisor marketing content faster and with less frustration?

Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue 

Blogging and content development are effective methods of financial advisor marketing, especially for smaller firms that lack large marketing budgets.  Getting your name and thoughts out in writing can help you build credibility and increase your visibility in search engines.    

But it takes time, and that’s a challenge for almost every financial advisor, especially if you don’t have a large support staff. While there are content development services you can use, not everyone has the budget for those.  

While artificial intelligence, or AI, can sound like it’s straight out of a sci-fi novel, it is actually an increasing part of our daily lives.  From voice assistants we interact with when calling for support to image recognition used on our cell phones to unlock them, we’re using AI almost daily. 

There are now AI writing tools out there to help you write. While these were crude initially, they have been rapidly improving.  So much so that they can save you time and help you develop marketing more efficiently.

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How Can AI Help with Financial Advisor Marketing? 

While they cannot yet replace a talented human writer, they can help you shorten the time it takes to develop ideas.  These tools can also help you structure content and select words and phrases. And when you’re busy, that can help you break through the writer’s block you may encounter when you’ve got a thousand things on your to-do list. 

Using a high-quality AI program can help you write:

  • Blog posts and articles
  • Emails
  • Client communications
  • Social media posts

From crude beginnings, you will now be amazed at what AI can generate in seconds when you provide a few inputs.  Again, it’s not going to be award-winning prose…but it can be a solid foundation you can then edit and personalize. 

How Can AI Help in Your Financial Advisor Content Development?

These tools can be used in a myriad of ways.  Really it is driven by where you need help. Stuck on topics?  Let AI come up with an instant list of ideas for you.

Have an idea but don’t know where to start?  Ask an AI program to write an introduction or outline (or both).

Or you can have AI develop a list of supporting bullets on your topic.  You can even ask it to draft an entire article for you to use as a starting point.  Really, the possibilities are endless.  It is a tool, pure and simple. 

What are the Limits of AI for Financial Advisor Marketing?

Of course, the technology is not perfect.  The biggest thing it cannot do is capture your voice and expertise.  It’s more like having a writing assistant who can help you but not replace your efforts.   But don’t discount that since they can help you speed up your efforts dramatically.  And make the process less tiring and frustrating, which can be a big mental boost when you’re busy.

Can you Hire a Junior Writing Assistant for $29 Per Month? 

The ROI with these tools can be significant.  We all know the cost of labor today and the time involved in explaining and delegating.  With AI, you have a tool on standby that works in seconds.  Once familiar with it, you’ll find yourself turning to it other times.  After all, it can help you write quick client emails or portions of a report. It can help with almost any writing task. 

What are the Limitations of AI Writing Tools?

Again, these are not perfect, although they are rapidly improving.  Here are some things to be aware of about artificial intelligence writing tools.

  • These programs can’t necessarily craft compelling arguments, so you’ll need to come up with those.  But they can help you explain and flesh out the underlying part of your argument.  Sometimes they can even come up with ideas you may not have considered. 
  • AI writing tools can’t infuse your writing with personality yet, so you may need to tweak sentences to add your personal touch.
  • These tools aren’t necessarily good with facts and references, so you need to check them before you rely on them.

As long as you keep these limitations in mind, you can use these tools effectively. And, of course, AI is constantly improving so we can expect these issues to get less visible with time.

Let’s Not Forget About Compliance

Of course, the big elephant in the room is compliance.  Obviously, that makes all financial advisor marketing content subject to intense scrutiny.  So clearly, you cannot just let AI come up with something and run with it.  You need to read every word, which you would need to do if you had an intern or junior person draft something. 

Again, consider it as your assistant.  Use the content it generates as an early starting point. Verify everything. 

What are Your Choices for AI Tools? 

Today there are a few options out there.  We’ve tried most of them.  Our clear favorite is Jasper since it is the most oriented toward longer-form content marketing, which is most often used in finance.  Jasper also has many add-ons to help write entire blog posts and other everyday tasks. This saves time, and we find the writing to be much more sophisticated than we’ve seen in other options.

Our Recommended Option:  Jasper

The Jasper AI writer is a powerful artificial intelligence platform designed to help you create content quickly and easily. It can be used to write blog posts, articles, emails, and even entire books.

Benefits of Jasper:

1.    Better for Long Form Content.

Jasper is one of the few AI writers that can help you create longer-form content.  Most are oriented towards shorter pieces, but if you’re blogging, you need length, too.  (Writing longer content can help you rank better in search engines.)

financial advisor marketing with AI

2.    Offers Many Templates and Recipes.

Jasper offers many templates and “recipes” that can help you get started fast and also help you create successful marketing content.  For example, they offer a “one shot blog post” that asks you for a few pieces of input, then quickly writes a full-length blog post.  Of course, you’ll have to edit it from there, but it’s a great way to blow past any writer’s block and have a reasonable starting point that you can adjust as needed. 

3.    Jasper has a lower starting price point.

Jasper offers a $29 per month starting subscription, even less if you pay annually.  Its closest competitor, Copy AI, has a starting tier of $49.  However, both offer the ability to try free and a small limited free tier for occasional use.

But overall, it is an excellent value for $29 per month. 

Example Generated by Jasper in about 20 Seconds

Let’s say you need an article to post on LinkedIn or in a newsletter.  I just asked Jasper to write an article about dollar cost averaging.  Here’s what it provided in less than 30 seconds:

Dollar-cost averaging is a strategy that involves investing a fixed amount of money periodically in the same asset, regardless of the current price. This strategy allows investors to take advantage of the volatility of stock prices by buying more shares when prices are low and fewer shares when prices are high.

The main benefit of dollar cost averaging is that it reduces the risk of investing in volatile markets. By averaging out the cost of an asset over time, investors are able to “smooth out” their purchase price and reduce their exposure to the market’s ups and downs. This can be especially helpful for long-term investors who may not have the expertise or time to actively monitor their investments.

Another benefit of dollar cost averaging is that it can help to eliminate the psychological burden of trying to “time the market”. By investing a fixed amount on a regular basis, investors are able to purchase assets without worrying about whether or not they are buying at the right moment. This can be especially helpful for those who may be prone to making emotional decisions when investing.

Finally, dollar cost averaging can be a great tool for investors who don’t have a large amount of capital to invest all at once. By investing smaller amounts on a regular basis, investors can gradually build up a sizable portfolio without having to put all of their eggs in one basket. This strategy also helps to reduce the risk of investing too much in one asset at any given moment.

Is it perfect or a literary work of art?  No. But it’s not bad, and if you add a nice introduction and conclusion to it, and edit it, you end up with a quality piece of content quickly.

Check it Out with a Free Trial

Other options besides Jasper include CopyAI, but we have found the writing much less sophisticated.

Your best bet?  Like everything, do a free trial, so you can put it to the test. 

Start your 10,000 word free trial.

Bottom line, artificial intelligence will increasingly play a role in improving our productivity.  As a writing assistant, Jasper exists now and can make a significant impact by helping you create marketing content quicker and more easily. 



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